The disaster of the Libyan intervention

In light of the recent events that left a US ambasador killed i thought id write about  Libya for my first blog entry.

When the Libyan civil war took place it was assumed by almost everyone of the political class of both Europe and the United States, that the rebels were fighting for “freedom and democracy” and that Quadaffi was an evil tyrrant hated by everyone and that we ought to go there and establish a ” no fly-zone”, which apparently was a euphemism for dropping some bombs(1).

Few stopped to question wheter it was a good idea or not. I always thought that what would be best for Libya is a partion of the country since i recognized that the protests seemed to be concentrated in eastern Libya and lacking in western Libya. People in East Libya who supported Ghadaffi could just move to West-Libya, althought this was far from a perfect sollution it would have been immensly better than what actually took place. I also thought it was foolish to support the rebels because we didnt really know how they were and we had no idea what they would do too the ghadaffi supporters. tuns out i was right.

We now see the results of our actions. What happend was that the rebels just went and executed people who supported Quadaffi(2) even after the fighting was over and mass graves have been uncovered with bodies of civillians dead. And its certainly true there were a great deal of people who supported Quadaffi(3)
What also happened is that the country became incredibly destabilized with gangs running around killing each other(4) and utter chaos breaking out.
It also seems like Al-Quaida is begging to take over the country, with the Al-Quaida flag even flying over the Courthouse in Benghazi(5),
So in effect the United States helped their own enemies depose of someone who wasnt even a threat to them, what could be more stupid. And now the United States pays the price, their diplomats murdered by islamist gangs inspired by a petty film about their profet(6)

We in the west are to quick to meddle in the affairs of countries most of the people living in the west didnt even know existed before 2011. We fail to grasp the difficulty of establishing a stable government and the time it takes and the risks of stability being utterly demolished as a result of governments being overthrowned. As proffesor Francis Fukuyama has shown political order is difficult to establish(7)

There is also the damage tihs will do to international relations. How will anyone ever be able to convince a leader of a nother country to abandon their weapons of mass-destruction again, now that a few years after abandoning his weapons of mass-destruction Quadaffi gets attacked by the very people who told him to get rid of them(8)

So perhaps we should think before we act.

1: (shows that bombs were dropped in case anyone does not bleive that)